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Electric Car Charger

Electric Car Services in Amesbury

Well Established & Fully Qualified Vehicle Technicians

MOT, Servicing & Repairs: Welcome

Keeping Up With The Times

Have you got an electric car and need either maintenance work, servicing or repairs? Our vehicle mechanics are all fully qualified and trained for the servicing of electric cars.

MOTs & Repairs


Regardless of the type of energy your car uses, we still need to ensure that your electric car is road worthy, and is a legal obligation to ensure that it is safe to be on the road for you, other road users and your family. Get in touch with us today to book your electric car in for a service with us.

MOT, Servicing & Repairs: Who We Are
Electric Car Charger
MOT, Servicing & Repairs: Image

Is your electric car road worthy?

We provide a comprehensive range of electric car services at Express Motor Workshop in Amesbury and Salisbury. Due to electric cars having fewer parts and including different breaking mechanisms than conventional vehicles with diesel or petrol engines, maintenance and repairs are made simpler as there is less to look into, meaning that servicing costs are much lower due to the nature of the technology used. 

We can seamlessly carry out jobs surrounding battery testing and full diagnostics for all types of electric cars, and you won't pay us a penny until all work is complete. For professional electric car maintenance, servicing and repairs, get in touch with Express Motor Workshop today.

Electric Car
Electric Car Charging Station

Electric Car Services in Amesbury

  • Brake Systems Repairs & Replacements

  • Clutch Components Repairs & Replacements

  • Battery Testing & Diagnostics

  • Hydraulics & suspension

  • Vehicle Diagnostics

  • Electronic Components

  • 4 wheel alignment & Tyres

  • Air conditioning servicing and repairs

Optimising The Efficiency Of Your Car

When we take on any jobs involving electric cars, we ensure tailoring our services to your specific needs, guaranteeing a professional service to maintain the efficiency of your car.

We also provide MOT services for electric cars providing detailed reports of any parts or components that might need attention.

Offering free MOT quotes, simply get in touch and speak to our team in Amesbury

MOT, Servicing & Repairs: Services
Electric Charging Station

Great Service Always

Vehicle completed on time, family uses the garage on a regular basis and always receives great service

Raymond via bookmygarage

Looking for an Electric Car servicing centre in Amesbury or Salisbury? Get in touch with Express Motor Workshop on

01980 625282, 01980 884050 or 07917 888187

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